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All Thunder Ridge Transport (TRT) employees are automatically enrolled in a 401(k) plan through TRT's Health & Welfare Plan (HWP). Employees also have the option to contribute to a voluntary 401(k) through elective deferrals with a discretionary match of up to three percent of wages through a payroll deduction and contribution.

401(k) FAQ      401(k) Plan Deferral Form    

401(k) Withholding Pre-Tax

The Contractors Plan Phone Guide       

The Contractors Plan Website Guide

Summary Plan Description (Voluntary) 

Summary Plan Description (HWP)


When an accident occurs what do you do? Who should you call? What process should you follow? Check out the Accident Procedures and Report Form to ensure you follow TRT's process after an accident.

Accident Procedures and Report Form                      


One optional insurance plan that TRT employees can enroll in is through Aflac. This plan provides employees with coverage of Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance. For more information on this insurance plan, click the links below.


Details of Plan                    Critical Illness     

Accident Coverage              Hospital Indemnity

APlus Payroll

APlus Payroll administers the payroll for TRT each payroll week. They also have an employee portal that give TRT employees access to their pay stubs, W-2s, employee manuals, and more.

Log into your Portal        Accessing Pay Stubs       Submitting W-4

Locked out of your APlus portal? Email us and we'll get it fixed.



When you're running late for work, who do you call? What about if you need time off? Or if you get hurt on the job? Or if you truck breaks down? Contact our Ops Center for any of these issues at 417-833-8456 and choose the extension with the Ops Center prompt.


All TRT drivers are assigned their own individual fuel PIN to use. Make sure the PIN you're fueling with is your PIN and your PIN only! If you're not sure what your PIN is, ask your operations manager or call your local ops center number.

All trucks have fuel cards assigned to them. It is very important that each fuel card does not leave the truck it is assigned to.  

Health Benefits

TRT is proud to offer a benefits plan for all employees. The Plan Description for your benefits plan can be found inside your APlus portal. For more information about your health benefits, check out the FAQ below. 

Benefits FAQ

Qualified Life Events        Enrollment Form        Waiver Form


Getting in an incident on the job is unfortunately a real thing. When it happens, what do you do? Make sure to get everything reported immediately. All reports should be submitted to within 24 hours of the incident.

Personal Injury Packet               


Every quarter, TRT produces a newsletter that updates all employees on the latest happenings around the company. Each newsletter includes a safety update, a list of employee birthdays, the latest information on company news, and more! The newsletter is emailed out each month to every employee. If you're not currently receiving our newsletter, email us and make sure we have your correct email address on file.

April - June 2018 Newsletter

Operations Center

The Operations Center is TRT's main operations hub dedicated to XRS dispatch and assisting drivers' immediate needs. The center is staffed Monday through Friday from the hours of midnight until 5 p.m. I f you need to contact TRT's corporate office, call your local operations center number. Our staff will handle any issues and answer questions you have and can transfer your call to the correct department, if necessary. Outside of operating hours for the operations center, please contact your local manager with questions.

If you don't know your local operations center number, ask your manager.


The most important part about working, right? Getting paid! Every other Friday is payday with TRT, and your money is deposited directly into your bank account. We even email you the pay stub on Wednesday of payroll week so you know how much money you can expect to see hit your bank account that Friday. If you think there's a mistake with your pay stub, email us and we'll try to process any necessary changes right away.

2019 Pay Periods and Pay Dates             Variance Form


XRS is the on-board computer that TRT uses to dispatch routes daily and track the status of loads. Each truck contains an Android tablet with the XRS software. Every day, drivers log in and out of the software and execute their routes. XRS also allows the driver to send messages to the corporate office, communicating notes about late slips or extra trips.

Select Route on XRS