Earn Free Money!


  • $250 for any current driver who refers a new tractor-trailer driver that is hired and stays for at least 90 days

  • Prior to completing the application, the new driver must email apply@trtmail.com and provide the following information:

    • His/her name

    • The name of the TRT employee that referred him/her to this position.

    • Example: “My name is John Doe. Bob Smith referred me to this position.”

  • For questions, please email apply@trtmail.com.


  • All new tractor-trailer drivers are eligible for a $1,000 Sign-On Bonus

  • 1/3 is paid after 30 days of employment, 1/3 is paid after 60 days of employment, and the remaining 1/3 is paid after 90 days of employment.

  • For questions, please email apply@trtmail.com.