Who are we?

Thunder Ridge Transport Inc. is a US Mail contractor that currently operates 200+ trucks with over 300 employees, servicing 16 USPS contracts across 13 states. Contracts range from long-haul type distribution to area-wide operations. Thunder Ridge Transport has a 50/50 mix of tractor-trailers and straight-truck equipment. All equipment is under long-term lease with great leasing partners, determined to offer top-of-the-line equipment to the driver and quality service to the USPS.


Where do we operate?


The corporate office for Thunder Ridge Transport Inc. is located in Springfield, MO, but TRT operates USPS contracts in:

  • California - Santa Clarita, North Bay

  • Florida - Pensacola

  • Illinois - Quad Cities

  • Kentucky - Bowling Green

  • Louisiana - Baton Rouge

  • Maryland - Baltimore

  • Michigan - Flint

  • Missouri - Columbia, Springfield

  • Ohio - Cleveland, Columbus

  • Pennsylvania - Harrisburg

  • Tennessee - Clarksville, Nashville

  • Texas - Austin, Brock




Thunder Ridge Transport is committed to putting its drivers in top-of-the-line equipment. All trucks are under long-term lease with Ryder, Penske, Hogan, PacLease, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner. All trailers are leased through XTRA Lease and Premier. If a driver ever experiences an equipment breakdown, he or she can swap the broken truck for a new one with the local leasing partner. No more waiting on mechanics or fixing it yourself. TRT wants drivers to focus on driving without having to worry about the equipment.



How are new contracts transitioned?

New employees often have a lot of questions when a contract is awarded to a new contractor. At Thunder Ridge Transport Inc., our goal is to immediately improve the overall quality of a location by providing top-of-the-line equipment, taking care of existing contract workers, and promoting communication with all drivers/employees. We stand to keep all drivers on existing routes as long as they meet the qualifications needed to perform USPS contract work.



Does TRT provide a benefits package?

Yes! Employees can use the contracted health, welfare, and pension rate to receive access to a full benefit program of life, dental, vision, major medial (for those working 30 hours or more per week) and a 401(k). Employees also have the option to contribute to a volunatry 401(k) through elective deferrals with a discretionary match of up to three percent of wages through a payroll deduction and contribution.



What partners are used?

Thunder Ridge Transport has partnerships with many different business that help TRT maintain its high level of quality. These partners assist TRT in providing the USPS with outstanding service.



Is TRT hiring?


Thunder Ridge Transport is always looking for good drivers and quality employees. If you are interested in joining the TRT Family, please complete this questionnaire.